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Why Yardstick

Why Use Yardstick to Solve Sales Hiring?

Did you know the reliability of an unstructured interview is only 20%?

Yardstick is a new approach to discovering and hiring talent backed by decades of research. Yardstick's Intelligent Talent Selection software uses a structured interviewing methodology to help your organization hire the optimal candidate. With Yardstick you will:


1. Hire the best candidate

the first time

Yardstick's scorecard approach helps you differentiate between a good interviewer and a great candidate. Yardstick makes hiring mishaps a thing of the past and empowers the team to make equitable hiring decisions.


3. Reduce the time it takes

to hire talent

Yardstick uses a structured interview approach to streamline the interviewing process. Our software saves you time and resources by reducing the preparation time for interviewers, the duration of each interview, and the number of interviews overall. Our software helps you identify the optimal questions to more quickly understand if a candidate's experience matches the core competencies for the role.


2. Establish an equitable interviewing process

Our guided interview process helps to identify high performers and reduce unconscious bias. This approach levels the playing field by consistently interviewing and assessing roles and candidates. This approach prioritizes inclusivity, fights against discrimination, and ensures fair hiring practices. 


4. Create Visibility to Ensure Onboarding Success

The initial weeks and months are crucial to the success of new sales hires. Yardstick provides a tool to monitor progress and create visibility into new hire onboarding. If intervention is needed, you'll know sooner with Yardstick's tools for gathering onboarding feedback from multiple stakeholders. 

Hiring the wrong candidate could cost your organization time and money.

Invest in optimizing your sales hiring to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

Did you know the cost to replace a sales representative is almost $100,000?

"Software programs...will help you improve your chances of including the most relevant candidates in your interview pool, including uncovering some hidden gems." –Francesca Gino, professor at Harvard Business School

How do we differ from ATS software?

Yardstick's Intelligent Talent Selection software will complement existing HR applicant tracking software. Yardstick comes into the process after the Applicant Tracking System has selected the initial set of candidates. Yardstick enables the best hiring decisions with a structured, behavioral interview approach. 

How Yardstick compliments Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)



Playbooks for sales hiring with interviews, questions, and scorecards

Designed to identify talent fits based on data and social science research

Backtest and feedback mechanism that improves evaluation criteria and interview process as the system is used

Role-specific competencies included in the candidate evaluation process

Connects organizational culture and values to interview and evaluation 

Structured interviews coordinated across the hiring team




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