Identify talent & reduce mis-hires with data-driven interview plans

Build a hiring process that optimizes
your talent pipeline.

“Our experience with Yardstick has been wonderful. Their help and support have given greater effectiveness in selecting only A-players for our organization

Gene Shi, CEO at Learning Genie

Does this sound familiar?

“We had a problem with lots of our sales hires failing, but we are not sure why.”

Relying on intuition or guesswork when selecting candidates
Hiring expensive consultants to build your interviewing process.
Having the recruiting team build the process from scratch.

Make decisions based on objective criteria, not intuition

Enhanced Candidate Evaluation
Reduce Bias & Boost Diversity in Hiring
Gain a Clearer Signal of Candidates' Skills.
Increased Hiring & Onboarding Success

Select a Playbook

Choose from our extensive library of playbooks tailored to different sales positions.
  • Find the playbook that closely aligns with the role you are hiring for.
  • Build a consistent hiring process based on the best practices of top sales leaders.
  • Leverage the expertise and insights from our playbooks to optimize your process.

Edit Playbook

Our interview playbooks are 80% to 90% complete, saving you time and effort
  • Easily customize them to align with specific domain experience and company values.
  • Modification can be done in just a few minutes

Interview Candidates

Once an interviewer is using Yardstick, they’ll quickly realize this is the easiest and best way to do an interview they’ve ever experienced.
  • Distractions removed for a focused and efficient interview process.
  • Yardstick provides interviewers with targeted questions and guidance for follow-up questions
  • Yardstick provides interviewer scorecards to track compliance with interview plan.

Evaluate and Hire

Hiring decisions are human decisions. Yardstick will guide your team to find the candidates aligned to what you’re looking for.
  • Easy access to scorecards for each candidate
  • Get guided team discussions to make better hiring decisions
  • Centralize all hiring-related information in one place

Collect Data and Iterate

As the candidate is onboarded, stakeholders evaluate the candidates progress towards key goals and competencies.
  • Enables quick interventions and corrective actions as needed
  • Data-driven improvements to evaluation criteria, interview design, and interview skills