Hire the best talent, the right way

Do you want to spend less time interviewing, give a great candidate experience, and identify high performers who fit your values?


Raise the bar

Keeping hiring standards high is difficult in fast-growing companies. Building and maintaining a culture of high performance means having a methodology to identify talent. Yardstick makes it easy to implement and use effective interviewing methodologies.

Remove Bias from Hiring Decisions

Evaluate candidates on their ability to thrive in a job. Remove irrelevant factors and build a culture of success. 


The Yardstick Method

Yardstick is the premier Intelligent Talent Selection platform. A high-quality hiring process is essential to building culture and success at scale. Our approach consists of three steps:


Customize the Role

You tell us about the role, we craft an interview process with tailored questions for the industry, experience level, and role.


Streamline Your

Interview Process

Your team conducts the interviews with a structured scorecard approach to assess the candidates


Hire the Optimal Candidate

Select the best candidate based on an approach that's defined, equitable, and inclusive.

The Hiring Process is Evolving

The Current Solution

The Yardstick Way

Time to Fill Role is Lengthy

Managers often use their gut feeling to assess candidates, prioritizing a "good enough" fit due to the urgency to fill roles.

Unplanned Interviews

Interviewers don’t have questions planned and use different questions for different candidates


Self-Selected Interview Questions

Interviewers use a variety of sources to select their interview questions or come up with questions on the fly in response to candidates' answers

Uncertainty in Interview Process

Skills and competencies aren't well defined prior to interviewing causing uncertainty in assessing candidates for job fit accurately

Ineffective Training

Interviewing teams are infrequently trained, and tend to forget best practices during the interview

Reduce Time to Hire

Streamlines the interviewing process so you can get the right person in the role more quickly based on a standardized approach to interviewing

Guided Interviews

Use the same interview questions across candidates to ensure a more unbiased system to evaluate candidates for quality and competency

Tailored Interview Questions

Select interview questions from a list curated by experts to more accurately predict job competency, customized for the job function and experience level

Defined Interview Process

Tailor interview questions that quickly assess core competencies and skills to streamline the interview process

Training Reinforced by Tool

The software reinforces interviewing best practices to help remove unconscious bias and standardizes the process

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