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Fix Sales Hiring

Interactive playbooks for interviewing sales roles and identifying top performers.


Raise the bar

Yardstick interview playbooks are built from today's top sales leaders' expertise and the best hiring research. 


Research shows that 46% of new hires fail. The opportunity cost of a failed salesperson is 70% of the annual quota.


Don't leave the skill of your hiring team to chance. 

Reduce Bias from Hiring Decisions

Use objective criteria in hiring decisions. Remove irrelevant factors and build a culture of success. 


The Yardstick Method

Only 19% of new hires become top performers. Supercharge the performance of your organization by using a secret weapon to identify those top performers. 


Interview Playbooks

Start with a role from our library, then customize it for the specifics of your company.


Structured Interviews

Ask each candidate the same questions in the same order to reduce bias and make hiring decisions more predictive.



Use objective criteria to reduce mis-hires and identify top performers.

The Hiring Process is Evolving

The Current Solution

The Yardstick Way

Sales Hires Have the Highest Failure Rate

The failure rate makes planning difficult and results in missed targets. 

Positions Remain Unfilled

Hiring is time-consuming. For a rep with a $1 million quota, each unfilled seat costs $83,000 per month in lost revenue.


Self-Selected Interview Questions

Interviewers use a variety of sources to select their interview questions or come up with questions on the fly in response to candidates' answers.

Uncertainty in the Interview Process

Skills and competencies aren't well defined before interviewing, causing uncertainty in accurately assessing job candidates' fit.

Ineffective Training

Interviewing teams are infrequently trained, and tend to forget best practices during the interview.

Reduce Mis-hires and Identify Top Performers

Join the companies with over 80% hiring success rate and identify the candidates who will become top performers. 

Reduce Time To Hire

Equip your team with hiring guides and scorecards that streamline interviewing, save time and reduce time-to-hire.

Interviewing Playbooks

Select interview questions from a list curated by top sales leaders to accurately predict sales performance. 

Structured Interview Process

Structured interviews are shown by research to be more predictive of job success and reduce cognitive bias.

Provide Effective Tools

Equip your hiring team to interview professionally and consistently with structure, pre-selected questions, evaluations, and scorecards. 

Contact Us

Want to learn more about improving hiring accuracy while saving time and improving the candidate experience? 

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