Measure Twice, Hire Once:

Yardstick Helps You Find the Perfect Fit

Yardstick is on a mission to transform how companies identify, select, and onboard top talent.

This is Why We Do It

Traditional hiring processes and lackluster software hold businesses back from making the best hiring decisions.
Lucas Price, our founder experienced this first hand when he grew his team from 3 account executives to a 100+ person sales team at a high-growth startup.

Hiring was outdated, costly, and didn't tap into the true potential of candidates. We saw a need for change.
Drawing on the expertise of top sales leaders and academic research, we built Yardstick to bring the best practices into action. Backed by decades of behavioral research, our proprietary software uses guided, behavioral interviews to identify the most qualified candidates.

We believe in structured hiring as inclusive hiring, leveling the playing field, fostering diversity, and ensuring fair practices. Our goal is to streamline your hiring process, save time, and identify exceptional candidates.

We believe in removing our cognitive biases to identify and hire the best candidates through structured, behavioral interviews.

Simplify the hiring process
Base decisions on data instead of our intuition alone
Evaluate candidates with objective criteria
Provide visibility into candidate interviews

Meet The Founder: Lucas Price

Lucas Price, a true entrepreneur at heart, has honed his hiring expertise over two decades.

He kickstarted his career as a founder of Gravity Payments, disrupting the industry with an affordable payment solution. Later, he was a senior executive at Zipwhip, which brought conversational business texting to tens of thousands of businesses.

Now, Lucas has set his sights on tackling a new challenge: transforming the hiring process for sales teams.
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