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Intelligent Talent Selection

Use a process that is designed to empower your interview team to hire top perfomers and reduce mis-hires

Why Use Intelligent Talent Selection?


  • Interview questions based on subjective evaluation of questions

  • Hiring manager hopes and trusts that the hiring process works to identify talent

  • Each team member has their own criteria and interview process with varying levels of consistency

  • The hiring process is occasionally updated based on a gut feel for what is working and what is not

  • The hiring process is not customized for each role

  • The interviewing team might be trained occasionally on successful practices


  • Interview methodologies researched to identify top talent

  • The hiring process reflects the culture and values of your organization

  • Criteria and interview process is structured and consistent across the team

  • The hiring process is continually updated to best practices using data and research on how to predict success

  • The hiring process is customized for each role

  • The interviewing team is training continually on best practices

Intelligent Talent Selection (ITS) vs Applicant Tracking System (ATS)



Connects organizational culture and values to interview and evaluation 

Designed to identify talent fits based on data and social science research

Backtest and feedback mechanism that improves evaluation criteria and interview process as the system is used

Role-specific competencies included in the candidate evaluation process

Company-wide candidate interviewing and assessment methodology

Structured interviews coordinated across the hiring team

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