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Why You Should Use Structured Interviews When Hiring

In a structured interview, all candidates are asked the same questions in a particular order. This allows you to and incorporate your culture and values into the hiring process and identify the best candidates.

Structured interviews are also more reliable than unstructured interviews. Unstructured interviews allow for too much variability in the questions asked, which can lead to inaccurate results. Research shows that in unstructured interviews, the interviewer tends to make their judgments based on rapport instead of the ability to perform the job.

Structured interviews are more efficient. They allow you to gather more information in a shorter amount of time. This is because all candidates are given a specific set of questions to answer designed to elicit information relevant to the role.

Candidates have a better experience with structured interviews. In growing companies, sometimes one employee needs to fill for another to conduct an interview. Unstructured interviews can lead to an uneven and disorganized experience for the candidate. Structured interviews allow every candidate to have a similar high-quality experience.

Successfully conducting structured interviews means being organized and synchronized across your hiring team. An Intelligent Talent Selection tool makes this easy.

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