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Announcing Yardstick – Intelligent Talent Selection

Today I am excited to announce the launch of Yardstick. We are a small team dedicated to building tools that help companies make better hiring decisions. Yardstick gives you the tools to use structured interviews to improve the predictive performance of hiring decisions and incorporate company values into the hiring process.

In today's atmosphere where the competition for talent is fierce, it is crucial to be diligent about determining whether new hires will raise the talent bar in your organization. Successful companies use hiring processes to identify which candidates are high performers and which are good interviewers who won't perform. Of course, the quality of every hiring decision has a measure of uncertainty, but studies show that you can stack the deck in your favor with the proper process.

Though there is considerable research on how to do candidate interviews to improve hiring decisions, most companies don't have access to tools that integrate the research in the hiring process. As a result, companies are often left to figure out how to implement effective job interviews on their own. Companies like Google and Amazon have built internal tools that guide the interview process and incorporate their values and leadership principles into the candidate interviews. However, similar tools are not available commercially until now.

Yardstick helps your company quickly implement a hiring methodology that incorporates your company values into structured interviews. Yardstick is designed to enable the best interviewing and decision-making practices. With Yardstick, your team will be conducting interviews that identify high performers and reduce mis-hires.

After quietly building Yardstick for over a year, we are incredibly excited to be publicly launching Yardstick today. If you'd like to help your organization adopt a hiring methodology to increase the rate of high-performing hires, we'd love to talk to you and tell you more about Yardstick.

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