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Who We Are

Making Sales Hiring More Effective

Lucas Price’s vision for Yardstick began as an executive at a high-growth startup. In 4 years, he grew his team from 3 account executives to a 100+ person sales team. Lucas viewed building his team as a combination of process, data, and human decision-making. However, in creating a methodology backed by data, he realized that the software to conduct the process did not exist.

 After years of using hiring and onboarding tools built in spreadsheets, he decided to research how he could build a better system. Lucas interviewed top sales leaders about how they identify candidates, learned about the academic research conducted on hiring decision-making, and built a team to bring all best practices about hiring salespeople into Yardstick.

Yardstick’s methodology is backed by decades of behavioral research to reduce the primary causes of mis-hires. Yardstick’s proprietary software uses a guided, behavioral interview approach to help you identify the most qualified candidate. Our software continually evolves to include new research to improve the product over time.

We know that structured hiring is inclusive hiring. Companies that create a standardized interview experience for candidates are leveling the playing field, fighting against bias and discrimination, and ensuring fair hiring practices. Our goal is to enhance your current interviewing process, streamline the time to hire, and differentiate a good interview from a qualified candidate.

We believe in removing our unconscious biases to identify and hire the best candidates through structured, behavioral interviews

Yardstick aspires to help everyone

  • Simplify the hiring process

  • Base decisions on data instead of our intuition alone

  • Create fair & just hiring practices

  • Provide visibility into candidate interviews


Lucas Price, a born entrepreneur, has nearly 20 years of hiring experience. He started his career as a founder of Gravity Payments, built on solving the pain point of a more affordable payment solution. Later he was a senior executive at Zipwhip, which brought conversational business texting to tens of thousands of businesses. He has now shifted his focus to solving a new pain point: the hiring sales people. Learn more about his background:

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