Make good hires, reliably.

Yardstick takes the guesswork out of hiring. We equip you with tools that makes finding great talent and retaining them, easy for your team.

Interactive Playbooks

  • Find the playbook that closely aligns with the role you are hiring for.
  • Build a consistent hiring process based on the best practices of top sales leaders.
  • Leverage the expertise and insights from our playbooks to optimize your process.

Editing a Playbook

  • Easily customize them to align with specific domain experience and company values
  • Modification can be done in just a few minutes

Conducting an Interview

  • Distractions removed for a focused and efficient interview process
  • Yardstick provides interviewers with targeted questions and guidance for follow-up questions
  • Uncover the truth about candidates' experiences and track record of success

Onboarding Success

  • Easy access to scorecards for each candidate
  • Get guided team discussions to make better hiring decisions
  • Centralize all hiring-related information in one place

“Using Yardstick gives us objective criteria for hiring decisions. Without this, we would have missed our two top-performing sales reps

Derek Harris, Head of Sales at Fetcher

Yardstick FAQs

Do you offer special pricing plans for startups or non-profits?

Yes. We love startups and non-profits. We offer 50% off our annual plan for qualifying organizations.

Do you offer a month-to-month plan?

We want Yardstick to be available to you for both planned hires and those that come up unexpectedly during the year. So we price it in a way that make it available to you all year. We have a free plan you can use to test out Yardstick for your first 10 candidates to make sure it is right for you.

Do you offer enterprise-level pricing options?

Yes. Contact us and we’ll come up with a price plan appropriate for you.

What payment methods are available?

Credit cards, ACH, and Invoice are all available

Does Yardstick offer services to help us with hiring for sales roles?

Yes, we can conduct workshops on building candidate profiles, building a comprehensive interview plan, provide interview training to hiring teams, and more. Contact us to talk about specifics.

Is Yardstick available for non-sales roles?

Yardstick has partners that have built playbooks for non-sales roles on the Yardstick platform. If you'd like to be connected with a Yardstick partner who can help you with a different type of role, contact us and we'll help get you connected.

Stop relying on “intuition” and find top performers reliably.

Let's make hiring smarter, more effective, and a true competitive advantage for your team.