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Our Product

Optimize Your Sales Talent

Using guided interviews the software helps you...

1. Hire the best candidate the first time

2. Establish an equitable interviewing process

3. Reduce the time it takes to hire talent

4. Create a transparent and successful onboarding process

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Interview Guide

See how to build powerful and effective interview guides using Yardstick.  

Candidate Interview

See how your hiring team will interview and evaluate candidates using Yardstick.

Here's How

Hire for competency, not interview preparedness

Behavioral interview questions are designed to test the core qualifications & remove unconscious biases to avoid mis-hires. Deloitte stated it can cost upwards of 200% on top of what you’ve already spent to replace an employee. 

Compare candidates more accurately

Yardstick is designed to evaluate candidates using a structured interview approach across roles and candidates to reduce unconscious biases. Harvard research shows the reliability of an unstructured interview is around 20%.

Tailored interview questions for the role

Let Yardstick do the hard work of identifying interview questions for you based on the role’s competencies, experience level, and industry. CareerBuilder found that 20% of hiring managers admit to having asked an illegal interview question at some point in their life.

Save time & resources through a streamlined interview process 

You can feel confident hiring a candidate with fewer and shorter interviews using the Yardstick methodology. Google determined that four interviews were enough to make a hiring decision with 86% confidence, noting a diminishing return on interviewer feedback after that.


Ensure a good interview experience for the candidate

A negative interview experience can damage your brand. Yardstick’s software helps reinforce interviewing best practices for your team, making it a great experience for everyone involved. According to a CareerArc survey, nearly 60% of job seekers have had a poor candidate experience, and 72% have shared their experience on employer review sites like Glassdoor. 

Hiring Candidates
Isn't Getting Easier

Yardstick's methodology is a revolutionary way to conduct interviews to make hiring easier for you and the candidates. Here's how:

The Old Way

The New Way

Hire For Interview Skills

Used gut feeling to hire, emphasis on likeability during the interview rather than ensuring the role fit upfront

Unplanned Interviews

Interviewers don’t have a plan for interviewing, and different candidates get different questions

Self-Selected Interview Questions

Interviewers use a variety of sources to select their interview questions or come up with questions on the fly in response to candidates' answers

Uncertain Interview Process

Keep adding additional unnecessary interviews, which loses candidates


Training Doesn’t Stick

Teams are sometimes trained infrequently, often not, and fail to follow best practices

Hire for competency

Based on behavioral interview questions that are proven by research to be a reliable indicator of job competency and reduce unconscious bias


Guided Interviews

Use the same interview questions across candidates to ensure a more unbiased system to evaluate candidates for quality and competency.

Tailored Interview Questions

Select interview questions from a list curated by experts to more accurately predict job competency, customized for the job function and experience level.

Defined Set of Interviews

Streamline the process to interview candidates once per person to save time and resources. Understand fit & competency quickly

Software Reinforces Training

Training best practices are continually reinforced and are consistently followed

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